3 Hacks for Businesses New to Blogging


3 Hacks for Small Businesses New to Blogging

With everyone telling you ‘publish or peril’, it’s time blog. Put information out there that is useful to your customers or potential customers. This sets you up as a trusted advisor.

Trust is the basis of all business, so that’s a great starting point. Here are three tools that make blogging easier for us here at WellLatino:

Find a Webhost That Works for You

We use Interserver web hosting. We find their customer service is excellent and response times are fast 24/7. They offer unlimited storage, and while they start quite cheap.

You can often find cheaper plans on sale days. Sometimes their English isn’t perfect, but for the price we pay and the quality of service, we get we’re not at all bothered. We think it’s a good option for beginners since their platform is pretty easy to navigate.

Take a Load off – Automate Your Social Media

Using social media can actually be quite stressful. It can mess with your confidence levels. And be a permanent distraction.

Our recommendation is to schedule 1 day a week or a few days each month to schedule all your social media posts on an app that will automate the job for you. Keep a notepad on you to scribble notes about the posts you want to create whenever the ideas occur to you. But only type them up, enter in your ‘@’s and ‘#’ on those scheduled days.

We wanted a social media scheduling app that would post for us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You might have other social media platforms. We chose Loomly and have been stoked with the results.

It’s easy to use, helps you change a general message slightly for each social media platform, and lets you set up a posting approval chain. Perfect for set-ups like ours with a couple of editors and several writers. Perhaps best for us at WellLatino, you can create a calendar for Spanish posts and a separate calendar for English language posts!

We found the set-up was easier and more intuitive than Hootsuite, and the pricing was much more reasonable that SproutSocial and Coschedule. If this sounds like you, you can start a free trial here.

We’re also hearing great things about NinjaOutreach to automate outbound email campaigns. To build relationships with industry influencers. If you’re looking to automate emails that spread the word about your business, give NinjaOutreach a go and tell us about your experience in the comments.

Write What You Know

If you’re an architect, stick to buildings. If you’re a Learning and Development expert, talk L&D. If you’re a dog-washer, give advice about pet-care. Work out what information will help your customers. Then ask yourself if you are the person to write those articles.

We’re passionate about sustainability and wellness. That’s why we write about everything from gut health and balcony composts to office plants that detox the air.

Now Get Blogging!

There you have it. Get the right web host, automate social media posts, and stick to areas of your expertise and your customers’ areas of curiosity. Our final tip is to just get it done.

Stop procrastinating – it’s a freelancer’s worst enemy. You don’t need a 4 hour day or a week on a beach retreat to get blogging. Snaffling 15 minutes in the morning before the kids wake up, or 20 minutes on the bus or train to your other job will do. All these small segments of time add up.

All the best of luck! We’d love to hear you’re own tips for us – we’re in this together after all!

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