I Tried Nude Group Yoga and Here’s Why You Should


As a relatively self-conscious person, I can safely say that a standard yoga class is often outside of my comfort zone. I regularly practice yoga at home with Adriene, that way no one can see me stumbling in my fiancé’s pants or pausing the video to catch a breath. I’ve attended a few group yoga classes in my time, mostly with my trusty yoga teacher from my hometown.

She makes me feel confident and positive. Her classes are a perfect mix of mindfulness and exercise. This is exactly how yoga should be!

So, why nude yoga? Taking all my clothes off and embracing downward dog is probably the last thing my friends would expect me to do… here’s why I did it (and why you should too!).

Nude Group Yoga: It’s What You Make It

If stripping off to your birthday suit in a room full of strangers seems daunting then I can guarantee you’re not the only one. Luckily for us chronically self-conscious, most nude yoga classes allow you to keep your underwear on for the session. Meaning you can enjoy the freedom of being nearly nude, but without the worry of letting it all hang out.

Nude yoga is all about pushing yourself to your limits. For many of us, our limits are attending a standard yoga class. If you’re familiar with that environment, why not visit a nude yoga class and keep your bottoms on? Or go full monty and enjoy the liberation that comes with it.

There Are Rules

Don’t worry, nude yoga classes aren’t simply a free-for-all. You can choose between female/male-only or mixed gender classes. Make sure you’re comfortable with whichever set up you choose.

The class starts with all participants wearing their clothes in the yoga studio. The instructor will explain the ‘rules’ before anyone removes their clothes. In the class I attended, the instructor said no touching each other, no flirting and no staring.

If anyone felt uncomfortable, they were welcome to put their clothes on and leave the room for a period. Just like any other yoga class, the atmosphere was relaxed and open.

Once the rules are established, the instructor said us to ‘disrobe’. All participants are requested to remove their clothes at the same time. This means you’re more distracted by your own body than by other people’s. This level of organization gave me comfort knowing that everything was legit and safe.

It’s Liberating!

There’s one thing for sure about nude yoga – it’s liberating. The nature of yoga is that you remain present in every movement and flow. By doing a mindful exercise in the nude, I felt my inhibitions lift as I was forced to remain present in every asana.

By removing our clothes, we feel like we are bearing all. Not just our physical attributes but mental and emotional parts are opened and we allow ourselves to feel vulnerable. I honestly feel that this is an exercise everyone should carry out at some point in their lives.

Even if you don’t fully let go, you are one step closer to separating your inner self from the restrictions you place upon yourself.

It’s Good For You

It’s true! Doing nude group yoga is actually good for you. Remove the tight yoga pants and awkward sports bra and enjoy maximum movement as well as blood flow as you move through the asanas. One thing we would recommend is that you bring your own yoga mat. You don’t want to be getting up close and personal with a mat used by someone else – yuk! We love Gaiam for colorful and creative yoga mats (yoga mats fun enough to distract people from your wobbly bits).

Another undeniable health benefit of nude group yoga is more of a mental one. By doing something that makes you laugh, you’re sure to boost your mood (as well as your confidence). Taking things a little less seriously is key to enjoying everyday life in this busy and, often too uptight world.

It Gives You Confidence

By confronting our biggest fears, we are able to move beyond them and feel more comfortable in ourselves. This certainly happened to me when I tried nude yoga. Once I realized that my anxiety was unwarranted and there was nothing dangerous about nude yoga, I felt a sense of limitlessness.

I could achieve anything, even if my brain said I couldn’t. Taking part in an activity that scares you, but is not inherently dangerous, like no nude, challenges your self-set limits and allows you to see beyond what you previously thought was possible. Who knew you could get all of that by taking your kit off?

If you’re ready to give it a go then we have a few tips before you get started. Research local studios in your area. Always check out reviews – are they all legitimate yogis? Or do they seem suspicious? Where is the studio located? And what time of day is the class?

We definitely recommend attending a daytime nude group yoga class if it’s your first time. Also remember that at if at any point you feel uncomfortable, be sure to leave the premises immediately. Putting safety first is what’s key to enjoying a liberating and magical experience like this, and a good yoga instructor will know this.

Be Brave! Try Nude Group Yoga

Go ahead and give it a go. For health. To feel free. To have a funny story at your next night out with friends. If nude group yoga is really just not for you, stick to versions with your gear on. You can get all the yoga gear you need at Yoga Outlet.

Have you ever tried nude group yoga? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear all about your experience!

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